Educational Toy Teaches Without Being Boring

Choose a gift for the children is not always that simple. Typically, the educational toys make shine the eyes of the adults, who delight in the idea of models that promise to help in the development of the children. But it is not rare that the gifts end up dumped in a corner because not captivated the taste of a child.

Educational Toy Teaches Without Being Boring

So that you do not run this risk, the MinhaVida assembled a list neat, with a series of suggestions that stimulate the raciocícnio and the abilities of various age groups, but without sacrificing the fun that a good toy should provide.

Breast play dress up of the Star: Cute and multicolor, the toy is a great companion and teaches the kids to dress up. Close a zipper, a button, and even tie the laces of tennis shoes are some of the activities that he will learn while having fun with the new friend.

Drawing board of the Dican: This drawing board is ergonomic and has spaces for organization. In addition, it comes with ten pens washable. She is an encouragement to the imagination, to the learning of writing and the creative thinking of the children.

Kit of Painting of the Long Jump: The kids love the kit, supercolorful. It is very stimulating to develop the artistic skills and motor coordination, leaving parents worry-free, as are the pencils are insurance and own for doodling and drawing. Esquiloco of Candide: To win it is necessary to complete the color palette, according to the nuts that the squirrel throws. The game has a goal of helping the kids to recognize colors, in addition to collaborating with the coordination.

On Mobile, Parents and Children of the Dican: The texture of the pieces this toy helps in the development of touch and motor coordination. Not to mention that develops the imagination and the intelligence, because the little assemble the toy according to the will of the moment.

Activity block Playskool Hasbro: These colored blocks and versatile stimulate the imagination and teach the running of things. The child can stack, connect, play with the activities or have fun with the figures that appear in the blocks.

Animated phone from Fisher Price: the Animations come to life on the screen of the Phone to Learn and Play with and teach the baby the alphabet and the numbers. The phone has lights, songs, buttons to be pressed, fun sounds and greetings. It is sturdy, easy to handle and is “standing” alone.

Laptop Educational Star: A great opportunity to the first contact of the small with a laptop. The colors and sounds stimulate the development of the child and contribute to the knowledge of numbers, colors and sounds.