Emergency Makeup, Quick Touch-Ups to Be Always Perfect

Emergency make-up? Here are the quick touch-ups to be always perfect : products in and out for a trick-last-minute tweaking. Long-lasting make-up and other recommendations that will make us “shoot him” the situation daily makeup when we are away from home since time immemorial!

Emergency Makeup, Quick Touch-Ups to Be Always Perfect
I’m already 6 hours that we are away from home, and judging from the circumstances, not head back in time for that coveted shower and make-up from scratch perfect for aperitif “of 20! What to do when the emergency make-up? That quick adjustments we make to be always perfect, even in situations like this?
We start by saying that prevention is better than cure and that suitable products must be in our everyday bag, as much as his wallet and identity card.
Here’s how to think and act a quick retouch proof make-up
If we rigged well in the morning, tweaking “in the race” will certainly be faster and safer, even with a mini clutch mirror.
What trick I choose?

This is the Basic trick that we should prefer to all other if we think of ritoccarci during the day and we don’t want to run into unpleasant surprises by switching randomly from the mirror of the toilet.
Emergency products:

  • Cotton ball or tissue to remove the sebum and makeup that accumulates: during the day the skin will release its natural fat or vice versa you will dry up on some areas.At best facial makeup would just turn off.
  • Having a dry towel and DAB is useful.Then you can proceed with a little powder Foundation of last generation as the Cocoa Powder Foundation of Too Faced. Later, you can use the “magic ingredient”, the blush on the cheekbones.
  • For those who suffer from dry skin, also another product that can not miss in your bag is the thermal water or a spray that resembles, for example the Mac Fix Plus that provides moisture and radiance to the face in a few moments.
  • No to kajal pencil that so you know how and what will make you suffer you melting.Use the Foundation water resistant and you’ll be more serene.
  • Touch up your lipstick or even delete it, it’s a good strategy for retouching.

Nice touch: moisturizer on your hands. This is also part of daily make-up perfect!